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Why do soaked beans make better milk? 

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It is a well-known fact that soaked soybeans make much better soy milk and produce a higher soy milk yield than directly grinding dry soybeans. During the soaking process, soybeans absorb water and "produce" soy milk within themselves by a "biological" process. After six hours of soaking, the beans more than double their sizes and swell with soymilk. Grinding the soybeans at this time is just for the purpose of extracting the soy milk from the beans. 

By comparison, grinding dry soybeans and mixing with water to make soy milk is
a purely mechanical process which produces lower-quality soy milk with lower soy milk yield. It is somewhat like making soy milk with pre-ground soy flour and water.  

What is more important, according to soy authority Dr. John Robbins, is that soaking is actually necessary because it can significantly reduce phytate content, thus making such soy milk even more healthful. For more detail read his article by clicking this Web link.

The popular Uncle Dave (Vegetarian authority at Vegetarian Network Victoria) has also written, "I would prefer to soak the beans overnight and then drain them before using them anyway, as this washes some of the starchy coat from the beans and reduces the chance of flatulence." 

Soaking soybeans is very easy.  Just leave the beans in a pot with water - not a big deal! You do not need to soak for an exact length of time - anywhere from 6 hours to 16 hours is fine. Some people soak the beans just before bedtime and make soy milk the next morning. Others soak in the morning and make soy milk in the afternoon or evening. Ask any expert in the field; they will recommend making soy milk with soaked soybeans, not with dry beans. 

Actually, the most difficult technical problem in designing a soy milk maker that automatically makes soymilk as it has been made manually for hundreds of years, is preventing overflow while boiling the soy milk. Incidentally, soy milk is much less likely to overflow when it is made with dry soybeans. Thus, some manufactures design the machine to make soy milk from dry soybeans so that they do not have to solve this difficult technical problem. We have been making the machine longer than anybody else and have completely solved this problem after a lot of research and testing. Thus, the SoyaJoy does not take any shortcuts in design and does not make any compromises in soy milk quality. 

The motor used in the SoyaJoy is powerful enough to grind dry soybeans. However, the blades designed to grind dry soybeans are not optimal for grinding soaked soybeans.  The SoyaJoy uses an optimized blade designed for grinding soaked soybeans because soaked soybeans make better soy milk.

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