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The SoyaJoy Premium Total Tofu Kit

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The SoyaJoy Premium total tofu kit includes everything you need for making great tasting homemade tofu. The kit includes: one bamboo tofu press, a piece of tofu/cheese cloth, and a package of the SoyaJoy premium natural nigari. The tofu box is crafted with 100% natural bamboo, the most water friendly natural wood for lasting performance. It has a movable lid to be used as a press to make tofu or yogurt cheese. The nigari from the pristine Cha'erha salt lake. One 8 oz of nigari can make up to 100 lbs of tofu. You don't need nigari for making yogurt cheese. Full instruction and illustrations for making tofu is printed on the nigari package. Homemade tofu is pure and fresh and taste remarkably better than that from store!

We made this premium tofu box/press based on our experiences with the original SoyaJoy total tofu kit made of pine or cedar wood. Bamboo proved to be a much superior material both in strength and stability for repeated usage in water. Bamboo has been used in making kitchen utensils for hundreds of years. 

Please note that this item can only be ordered online and can't be returned once used because we can't sell returned food products due to safety concerns.

SoyaJoy tofu kit

The Tofu Box is 6" (long) x 5" (wide) x 5" (tall) for making up to 1.5 lbs of tofu each batch.
Dove tail construction
Corner construction for duarability
Made of natural bamboo

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