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How to filter out even the smallest okara grainy from homemade soymilk

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The SoyaJoy and SoyPower soymilk makers automatically filter the soymilk as they grind the soy. Water circulates through the filter bringing soy milk out (getting in from the bottom of the filter and out from the fine holes in the cylinder part of the filter). The okara is separated from the soymilk and stays in the filter. However, some very finely ground okara (the grainy stuff) can escape the filter through the fine holes. We can make the filter holes even smaller, but that will reduce the soymilk yield. After many tests, we believe we have reached a good compromise enabling the SoyaJoy and SoyaPower to make strong soymilk but with minimum amount of okara escape into the soymilk. The escaped okara in the soymilk would sink to the bottom of the pitcher if you let it stay still for awhile, and thus would only affect the last glass of soymilk. The finely ground okara contains high amount of food fiber and is actually very good to your health. Most people can drink the last "grainy" glass without any problem. But it bathers some people (I am one of them, feel uncomfortable at my throat as I drink the grainy cup of soymilk). I have found an easy way to get rid the grainy okara.

I use a "gold" coffee filter (permanent type, see pictures below) and a Rubbermaid pitcher to filter the hot, fresh soymilk as you pour it from the stainless steel pitcher to the Rubbermaid pitcher. This is quick and easy. Buy the permanent filter first to take it with you to buy the right sized Rubbermaid pitcher. When you finished pouring all soymilk through, press the okara in the filter with a spatula against the filter to squeeze a little soymilk out of the okra. This whole process takes two to three minutes.

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 Pour freshly made hot soymilk from the stainless pitcher to the Rubbermaid pitcher through the coffee filter

Buy one of this type of permanent coffee filters $5 - $10 from Starbucks, Wal-mart, or many other stores

Buy this type of pitcher from Wal-mart. Make sure it matches the size of the permanent coffee filter

Press the okara in the filter with a spatula against the filter to squeeze soymilk out

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